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Ready For War - 1 hour version,

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For anyone asking about the emblem in this video: it's from my gaming clan called THB. The broken heart came from a joke stating that it breaks the heart of a hardcore gamer when he looses. Pretty lame I know, but I am satisfied with how the emblem turned out and didn't bother creating a new one.

Теги: теги, теги!
Год: 1910
Режиссер: режиссёр, режиссёр!`|\,
Актеры: актёры, актры!`|\,
Язык: Татарский`|\,
Качество видеоматериала: 720`|\,
Автор: maxie526,
Email автора: email автора`|\,
Сайт автора: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWarrior526,
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